Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Stay Up to Date with Structure & Function of the Body

For more than two decades of revising Structure & Function of the Body, I've wanted to share my thoughts about the choices I make as I update content, integrate new study tools, and reorganize chapters.

Gratified by the success of my previous blogs that reach out to A&P teachers and students in a more general way, I realized that a textbook-specific blog is a great medium in which to dialog specifically about a particular A&P textbook. So almost a year ago, I launched book-specific blog for my two-semester textbook, Anatomy & PhysiologyThat blog has revolutionized the author-user dialog in unexpectedly productive ways. And today I'm launching a similar blog that discusses, dissects, and describes my one-semester textbook, Structure & Function of the Body.

Structure & Function of the Body - SoftcoverLeading up to the publication of the new 15th edition of Structure & Function of the Body, I'll be describing some of the exciting changes and new features of this popular textbook. Going forward, I plan to share the story behind the choices our team makes in revising and supporting Structure & Function of the Body. I also intend to offer some tips, shortcuts, and advice in using the book and related resources to teach in the classroom  and online.  And I'll be sharing a few anecdotes from the history of this book, my partnership with coauthor Gary Thibodeau and other collaborators over the years, and some behind-the-scenes adventures.

I'll even reveal some "easter eggs" in the book such as photos of friends, family, and colleagues that appear in some of the illustrations.
I also hope that you'll use the comment feature of this blog and also reach out to me personally to ask questions and offer feedback.  We can thus form a community of professionals interested in helping each other help the A&P students of our generation become successful.

Off we go!

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