Monday, March 4, 2019

Recognize Women in Human Science with Structure & Function of the Body

March is Women's History Month and as you consider ways to celebrate the role of women in the human sciences, why not start in your textbook?

Structure & Function of the Body has several descriptions of the contributions of women who have made important contributions to understanding human structure and function.

Elaborating on these stories yourself  is one way to celebrate Women's History Month. Another is to assign students to find more information about one or more of these women. Perhaps they could present this information to their class in the form of a blog or wiki entry, a poster or handout, or other creative media.

For example, the Growth & Development chapter includes a mention of Rita Levi-Montalcini's contributions to understanding the development of the nervous system.

In the Reproduction chapter, we recognize the role of Virginia Johnson in early attempts to understand human sexuality.

In the Chemistry chapter, we highlight the role of Rosalind Franklin in understanding the structure of DNA.

Why not start a conversation in your course today about the role of women in understanding the structure and function of the human body?


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